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Maple Rugs

Maple Rugs

Family owned and operated. Committed to quality. Economic driver for our small town. Leader in the rug industry. Made in the USA. These are all headlines you might read in a story about Maples Rugs.

Maples Rugs makes tufted accent, area, bath and kitchen rugs for top national and regional retailers, as well as for our own product line. We are one of the premiere rug manufacturers in the country, and the largest employer in the county of our small hometown – Scottsboro, Alabama. Maples Rugs earned this place in the home flooring market through hard work, steady growth, and commitment to quality for our customers.

Everything at Maples Rugs is constructed and assembled in the USA – a point that brings a lot of pride to our family, our employees, our community, and ultimately – to you, the customer.

Maples Rugs History

Since 1928, the Maples family has been manufacturing home textiles in the small town of Scottsboro, Alabama. We first went into business as the Maples Company making tufted chenille bedspreads, pot holders and robes. We later expanded into bath and accent rugs before selling the business to J.P. Stevens in 1963.

Three years later the Maples family got back in the business, opening Maples Industries and shifted solely to tufted rug production in 1966. This is where the focus remains today – and one of the reasons cofounder, Wade Maples, believes that Maples Rugs has lasted through so much consolidation in the industry. A keen focus on a quality tufted rug offered in a varied selection, along with reinvesting profits into the company, have served the business well.

Steady growth from that small operation startup in 1966 has led to four plants in Scottsboro, totaling more than 1 million square feet of space today. Management still remains in the family. Joining cofounder Wade Maples are his wife, Pat, and son, John Maples III. Pat oversees product design and John focuses on operations.

With advances in manufacturing and the expansion of production capabilities, Maples Rugs also focused on the design. Under Pat’s artistic leadership, our in-house design team grew and today works on hundreds of rug designs each season. The hours of pattern work show in the attention to detail in each of our rugs. Many of the rug trends for the season are displayed in the New York showroom on Fifth Avenue.

A Leader In The Industry

Through this three-generational legacy, the Maples family has had quite the influence on the rug industry. To this day management remains highly involved in production of Maples Rugs. Maples Rugs remains on the forefront of tufted rug technology and has evolved through the years – from the first three-color cross-dyeing, to introducing highly dyeable BCF-nylon bath rugs, to computerized dyeing and tufting and even rug printing.

Perhaps one of our largest contributions was pioneering the use of Olefin in accent rugs in 1988, which made them more durable, more stain-resistant and easier to care for since the rugs were washable. This was followed by the company’s exclusive Duraback rug backing in 1998 which is still part of the Maples product.

Today Maples Rugs is still a leader in the industry and still focuses solely on the tufted rug business. We are still a major driver in our local community and still proudly boast that all of our manufacturing happens in the USA.